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    Cheap Car Insurance For Students - Is There Untold A Affair?

    Cheap car insurance for students is out there

    My college years were laced with phone calls from the motor vehicle department reminding me of my many speeding tickets and moving violations. Although they never revoked my license I don’t think a driving record can get much worse without losing your license altogether.

    A driving register like that along with being younger than 25 years old and you are looking at some very expensive and even overpriced insurance rates. At one time I had fifteen tickets on my record. Cheap car insurance for students was not the question. Getting at all was the issue. Many companies would not even insure me. Those that did would not touch me for less than $600 per calendar month.

    To make a long story short I did end up with car insurance that was affordable. Even with tickets from my state and 3 surrounding states.

    What to discover out for

    Before running out and getting quotes from all over the internet there are some things to know. I was able to find insurance for about 136 bucks per month while having that driving record. I also forgot to say that I had one accident claim on record also. I was able to find very affordable auto insurance. The difference is the coverage. I did have to give some things up. Many companies are very different in what they offer. It could range from free vehicle towing to very high deductibles. Be sure to equate not only the quoted rate but the coverage also. And remember, in three years most states will clear your driving record and when you hit the age of 25 your rates improve dramatically.

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