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    The cheapest car insurance for young drivers and students

    It does not matter whether you own a flashy or an ordinary automobile, car insurance agents would not leave any opportunity to literally attack when they get to know your age. They would want to grab the chance of offering you insurance policies and literally coerce you to avail them. However, it is not recommended that you drive without an insurance cover and you may end up with a fine of up to $75,000 and a reduction of 6 to 8 points on your license if you drive a vehicle without one.

    It is a fact that young drivers are usually offered policies which make them pay a lot higher than other car owners and experienced drivers, and at the same time, a large number of insurance companies completely refuse any services to teenager drivers because of the higher risks. Moreover, those which do offer, pretend they are offering rates coherent with the market rates, but such policies are just another way of looting you.

    However, with CarInsurnancelog.Com, you will always be get the best deals when it comes to car insurance for young drivers. It is a fact that car theft has been on the rise over the past few years, and they would not lose the opportunity of hijacking yours too. Car insurance for young drivers does not need to be expensive and discussed below is an offer that you must go through.

    You can begin with paying a visit to our recommended agents where you would find some great cheap insurance deals for young drivers which would allow you to save thousands of pounds, if not hundreds with our offers. In fact, the company targets young drivers mainly.

    You must have surveyed the entire market, and you must have been startled when you came across our insurance for young drivers offers which are the best in the market.

    As we all know, as a young driver, you are considered to be at a higher risk which means that the premium charged would be automatically higher. This is why a great car insurance deal for young drivers has been carved out to meet your requirements.

    Kinds of car insurance for young drivers

    There are various kinds of car insurance for young drivers available. Insurance companies basically set their premiums depending upon various factors including how old your car is, the chances of it getting stolen and the size of the engine. The size of your engine has a major impact on your insurance premium and you would be charged cheap if you have smaller engine.

    Cheap car insurance for new drivers, teenages, young male and female drivers

    Most car insurance for young drivers offers are developed for drivers who are currently students. However, individuals falling in this category are often charged quotes which can be above 1000 pounds. But at the same time, there are ways through which you can change this. The rate depends on the risk factor, and also on your age occupation and area of residence. These factors combined increase the rate for students.

    Cheap car insurance for teenagers

    It can be quite hard for inexperienced drivers, especially for teenagers, to find cheap insurance for young drivers and they end up paying higher premiums because they have a higher chance of ending up in an accident.

    Cheapest car insurance for 17-21 years olds

    Going by statistics, as a young driver, you pose a great risk for insurance companies to be involved in accidents. In fact, the Driving Standards agency reports that 20% of those individuals involved in accidents are in the first year of driving, while male drives below the age of 21 are at 10 times greater risk of ending up in an accident as compared to those who are above 35 years of age. 33% of male drivers between the ages of 17 and 20 are likely to have an accident within the first 2 years after clearing their test.

    Insurance companies give great importance to these facts, and this affects the cost of car insurance for young drivers who are automatically charged more.

    Female drivers can also brace for similar rates as the EU ruling would come in effect by January 2013.

    How to reduce car insurance for young drivers

    There are ways of reducing car insurance premium for young drivers. You can start by working on a better safety record. You may consider naming an older person such as your parent as the main policyholder while you remain the actual driver, however, this method is illegal.

    Cheapest car insurance for young drivers such as students can be achieved through good student insurance discounts for which you need to be a full time student with a GPA of at least B. You should be less then 25 years of age. There are many more ways for getting cheap insurance for young drivers.

    Some companies may place a black box in your car to monitor your movement but you will be rewarded if you drive less and prefer driving during the day light hours since the chances of accidents are reduced. Secondly, you should purchase those cars which are assigned to lower car insurance groups for the cheapest car insurance for young drivers such as the Fiat Punto. Another way is to avoid any modification to your car. It is recommended that you undertake the Driving Standards Agency`s Pass Plus course through which you can reduce new drive car insurance by up to 35%. You can get the details of the course online.

    Make sure you compare the offers as far as the terms are concerned to get the best deals, and not just rely on the cheap factor.

    Apart from that, never rely on third party insurance options which are considered to be the best value options. However, keep in mind that any damage to your car in case of an accident with another car would not be covered, and it will be limited to the cost of repair for the other car affected.

    Your claim details would also play a role in the calculation of premiums, since only those drivers which get in an accident more often are likely to make a claim on a frequent basis.

    Always compare your car insurance policy with another company to see which is the most cost effective option for you. In case you are driving your parent`s car, you might get the cheapest insurance for young drivers policy in the short term, but if you take your own insurance cover, and you don`t make any claims, that would lead to better savings. Including an older family member who has had a very clean driving record can also in your insurance policy can help to reduce costs.

    Add-ons such as a security device in your vehicle can help to reduce the cost of insurance for young people, and keeping it in the garage when not using can also be helpful.

    In case you pay a large voluntary payment, your insurance company might consider lowering your premium but make sure it is affordable for you.

    It would be a great idea to pay your insurance in monthly payments to spread the cost but can result in extra charges.

    Car insurance for students

    Now for car insurance for young drivers who are primarily college students. Discussed below are a few tips which would definitely be of great help in getting the best young driver car insurance.

    A large number of insurance companies pick out those students which are affiliated with, for example, student organizations such as unions or establishments for the cheapest insurance for young drivers. You may also consider asking the company if it offers a special student discount in its policies.

    Your address would also play an important role, and you may consider parking your car at your parents` house if they are located at a safe place.

    Other factors such as your driving record and age will also obviously impact your premium cost. As mentioned above, you may want to become a secondary driver with your older family member registering as the primary driver. This results in literally the cheapest young driver car insurance.

    Cheap car insurance for young female drivers

    Car insurance on the other hand for young female drivers is often quite less as compared to their counterparts. This is because women tend to drive a lot less as compared to men with lower accident rates. This means that their insurance rate would also be lesser when it comes to premiums making the market for insurance for car insurance for young drivers who are females more competitive.

    It is obvious that when the first time you purchase a car insurance policy, it can be very daunting and you may make some costly mistakes. Young drivers car insurance should be a simple task and this guideline has been developed keeping this in mind.

    Most of you begin driving after you have turn 18, and those of you are around 19 will also be paying costly car insurance for under 21 due to official statistics.

    You might be thinking that once you are 21, you will be eligible for cheap car insurance for young drivers. However, the fact remains that car insurance for young drivers, including those who are around 21, is still quite expensive.

    Those of you who are about to turn 25, bad news is that you are still classified as a young driver but there are methods through which you can save costs.

    The guide also aims to prepare those female motorists who would suffer the impact of changes in the regulations as discussed above.

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